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Ripple Journal Explore & Share

Ripple Journal Explore & Share

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Following the same proven Ripple Framework for engaging young people in conversations surrounding personal wellness, social awareness, and leadership skills, Ripple 2 takes it to the next level.

Ripplers are encouraged to view themselves as both the scientist and the experiment, the artist and the art! From the toothpaste test to the dream team machine, participants will complete brain busters, riddles, and exercises that push their thinking and ignite conversations!
Ripplers have a chance to:
  • Dive deeper into topics like Mindset
  • Uncover their attitude, latitude, and gratitude leanings
  • Determine their strength-based opportunities for contribution

Recommend for 5th-8th graders

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Ripple Journal Explore & Share

Learn More About Ripple Journal

Research-based workbooks, developed by educators, that do triple duty as a leadership log, connection curriculum, and wellness journal for young people. 


Use our Ripple Journals as part of:

• School Advisory groups
• Social-emotional learning curriculum
• Class or team development during the school year or summerIndividual at-home learning
• One-one relationship and skill building with a counselor, mentor, or other Trusted Adult 


Learn how Ripple Journals align with the CASEL Core Competencies

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What Educators Are Saying:

“The Ripple Journals have created common language and a shared experience which is central to igniting a connection - peer to peer, and student to teacher/advisor.”
- Kathleen Nicholson, Educator, Connecticut

"The Ripple Journal has been a fantastic addition to my 7th grade Wellness and Leadership class. They have led us to the most important and fascinating conversations. I see real growth in my students through work in all three sections: Solo, Inner, and Outer Circles.”
- Josh Kascak, educator, Colorado