New Hampshire

    Brooklyn holds a BA from Colgate University where she played ice hockey, and an MA from NYU. She is an experienced teacher, coach, and administrator who has spent the last decade in schools. She is the co-founder of Generation Change, a non-profit that seeks to embolden youth to be empathic and compassionate change makers through cross-generational mentorship. She is a facilitator, speaker, and consultant for schools, camps, and youth-serving organizations nationally and internationally. Brooklyn reaches a wide audience with her unique energy, interactive approach, storytelling, and humor. When not facilitating workshops you will find her hiking with her dogs, paddling the lake, or spending time with her husband and son. 

    Brook has been fortunate to have many trusted adults in her life – from aunts and uncles to youth athletic coaches in her hometown of Brussels, Ontario, to the dorm parents, deans and teachers at the boarding school she attended, and beyond.



    Massachusetts and New York

    Jill was most recently president and cofounder of a non-fiction book publishing company, successfully sold to a large competitor. Her career has ranged from real estate investment banker to big firm lawyer, non-profit grant writer to finance director, and she’s roamed from New York to London to Boston and the Berkshires. Jill now works with a select group of talented speakers and authors. Recent volunteer work has included VITA tax preparer for low-income New Yorkers, SCORE certified business mentor, and reading with elementary school students. She has a law degree from NYU, and a BA from Harvard. Jill is the mother of four adults.



    New Hampshire
    Nicole (Coley) is a resilience educator, consultant, and trainer in the field of K-12 education, parent education, residential programming, trauma & attachment, developmental neuroscience, and brain-based models & systems. For the last 25 years, Coley has had one professional foot in the educational world, and one in the mental health world. She has served as a member of the residential faculty at Emma Willard School, a child and family therapist at the Wilder School, and has been the Director of Counseling Services at Kimball Union Academy. Coley is also a forest rambler, yoga instructor, mindfulness teacher, horseback rider, and happy camper. She is a lover of animals, mosses & wild things in general. Coley is also a mom. Coley has a BA from Skidmore College and a MA/Ed.S from Seton Hall University.




    Kim holds a BA in Psychology and Communications from the University of Denver and an MA in Clinical Psychology and Humanistic Studies from the Michigan School of Psychology. She is a Certified School Counselor (PreK-Grade 12) with extensive experience supporting Elementary, Middle and High School students around the world. Kim has worked in US public schools, Independent schools and International Schools. She has lived around the world and worked with youth in the United Arab Emirates, The Cayman Islands, Malaysia, and the United States. She currently calls Bermuda “home”. In addition to her work in schools, Kim has gained valuable experience working in crisis centers and family counseling centers. She completed her Master’s Thesis on Self-Discovery Through Travel and is passionate about encouraging youth to explore outside of the comforts of familiarity as a tool for personal growth.



    New Hampshire
    Beth started her quest to become a trusted adult 7 years ago, by becoming a volunteer mentor. She’s had the privilege of watching her mentee grow and become a more confident, self-assured young woman and in turn her life has been enriched tenfold. The experience has provided Beth with a sense of personal accomplishment and fulfillment while improving her ability to relate to all kids in her life. 

    When not at the office you can find her gardening with her dog Ralphie and cats Weezie and Black Jack.  She enjoys traveling with her husband and many outdoor activities with friends.



    Maine, New York, & Shanghai

    York-Chi Harder is Corporate Counsel for Cooking for Community, a Portland, Maine based non-profit organization. York Chi has extensive experience in non-profit board governance and strategic planning with a focus on education. For nine years, she chaired the Board of Trustees of the Shanghai American School in China. She currently serves on the Board of the Mark Morris Dance Group and on the Advisory Council of the Center for Professional Research and Learning at Columbia Law School. She holds a JD from Columbia University, a BA from Princeton University and a Masters of Laws from the Free University of Brussels. 

    York Chi and her husband, Stephen Harder, have three children. They have lived and worked professionally in New York, Brussels, Warsaw, Hong Kong and Shanghai, and currently divide their time between Shanghai and New York.