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About Ripple Journals

Our research-based Ripple Journal Programs foster a culture of connection in school communities through engagement activities, thought-provoking exercises, and purposeful play. Using the Ripple Journals and Ripple Cards, students in grades 5-8 explore and assess their personal wellness and individual strengths, investigate and evaluate their relationships and connections, and examine the positive impact they can make in their communities. The program is flexible and requires minimal to no prep. Students can complete the activities individually, in small groups, or as part of a larger advisory group.

The Ripple Advisory Program aligns with CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning) competencies. Review alignment here.

The Ripple Advisory Program also aligns with the ISCA (International School Counselor Association) Standard Alignment.

(Recommended for 5th Grade)

(Recommended for 6th Grade)

(Recommended for 7th Grade)

(Recommended for 8th Grade)

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Why Ripple Journals

1. Can be completed in small group settings such as advisory or used in larger group classes and programs.
2. Ignites conversations relevant to the lives of young people today.
3. Supports advisors and facilitators to remain boundaried and within the scope of their expertise and does not ask the adult to play the role of counselor or therapist
4. Topics focus on characteristics of a healthy community, and the actions young people can take to contribute in positive ways.


Pacing is flexible, with sessions taking anywhere from five minutes to sixty minutes, depending on what works best for your school or organization. 


Put the devices aside and lead a tech-free advisory, free of distractions.

No Prep

The program requires little to no prep for the facilitator. Facilitator’s guides include suggested pacing with a check-in, meeting instructions, activity, and wrap up for each session. 



Advisory Curriculum Offering

Ripple Journals are 120 pages, softcover, full color ($16.95 each).

✔️ 4 Journals designed to be delivered sequentially
✔️ Flexible, tech-free, no prep
✔️ Evidence-based within ESSER and GEER guidelines
✔️ Facilitator's Guides and training available
✔️ Designed for ages 10-15 or grades 5-8

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Ripple Student Leadership Course

Train a group of student leaders using the Ripple Leadership Course. The course includes four video modules, a workbook, and activity ideas. Ripple Student Leadership Course ($750).

Focus of course:

✔️ Definition of step-up, step-back leadership
✔️ Specific strategies for building connection and belonging
✔️ Honest self-assessment techniques and how to identify supportive resources
✔️ Introduction to a Comfort Zones tool and best practices for supporting peers
✔️ Practice with a Peer-A-Mid tool for assessing friendships and community connections
✔️ Accountability, responsibility, and conflict resolution
✔️ Ripple Goal Setting—framework and ideas
✔️ Inspiration and opportunities to explore possibilities for contribution and making a positive difference

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