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One Trusted Adult

One Trusted Adult

One Trusted Adult

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One Trusted Adult: How to Build Strong Connections & Healthy Boundaries with Young People by Brooklyn Raney, paperback 

In clear, accessible terms, One Trusted Adult lays out:

  • Simple tools that help build trusting relationships with young people and expand the opportunities for positive impact
  • How to set clear expectations that keep both young people and the adults who work with them safe
  • How to create an organizational culture that cares for the whole child and celebrates the adults who get it right while holding accountable those who don’t
  • Ways to partner and surround young people with the only thing better than one trusted adult: many trusted adults!

Our One Trusted Adult book is packed with real-life stories from Brooklyn Raney that holds invaluable tips and guidance for creating healthy and boundaried relationships with young people. 

One Trusted Adult inspires all adults to:

  • Build strong connections
  • Embrace sustainable career practices
  • Break the silence around boundary violations and abuse
  • Be present for the young people in their lives
  • Ensure that the young people in their care are growing into their greatest potential

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