Student Leadership & Advisory Programs

  • Ripple Advisory Program

    Flexible program to be used for Advisory, Guidance, SEL, or Leadership.


    Written by educator for use 1:1, small group, in larger advisory or classroom use, at summer camp, in after-school program or at home. No prep required. We offer Facilitator’s Guides covering adaptable use of the journals, as well as in person or virtual training, a video kick-off, and kits with props for extension activities.

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  • Ripple Mentoring Program

    Our research-based Ripple Journal Mentoring Program fosters meaningful connections between mentors and the young people they support through engagement activities, thought-provoking exercises, and purposeful play. The program is flexible and requires minimal to no prep for mentors. Young people can complete the activities individually or with their mentor.

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  • Branch Out Student Leadership/Advisory Program for High Schools

    Activity based curriculum for High Schools, to enhance an existing advisory program or as a stand-alone. Designed to require no prep, the activities and discussions are designed to be led by students or adults. The 25 advisory meeting plans build and boost trusted adult relationships, peer-to-peer connections and student leadership strengths.

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