November Newsletter: Week 3

We're thinking about gratitude.

As we approach Thanksgiving the OTA team is thinking about the ripple effect of gratitude. When we teach young people how and why to regularly express gratitude, they reap many benefits while bringing out the best in others. The most effective way to teach it is to model it! Go the extra mile to thank someone who showed up for you as a child, or continues to support you today.


New on the Blog: Gratitude for Mrs. A 📝

Michael Barbaro, a seventh and eighth grade teacher at Berwick Academy, participated in an OTA training earlier this year. When asked, “Who was there for you?” Michael shared a letter from his former homeroom teacher. She had placed it on the corner of his desk when he was in seventh-grade. It was an invitation to join her for lunch. 

This week, on the OTA blog, Michael shares his story. It is a beautiful reminder of the role Trusted Adults play in young people's lives every day. Read more here.


Free Resource: Gratitude Worksheet

If you or an educator you know wants to start a conversation on gratitude before the holiday, we've got you covered.


A Giveaway to be Grateful For

Don't miss this! We are giving away our School Counselor Ripple Pack to one awesome counselor. Now through November 30th, nominate your favorite counselor for a chance to win, right on our Instagram. 




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