January Newsletter: Week 1

Our January Theme Is: Community

Is Your Goal To Make Sure Every Student Has A Trusted Adult?
Our newest toolkit can help! 
Designed to help you:
  • Assess the number of students who can name at least one trusted adult at school.
  • Identify those students who cannot name any and create an action plan for connection.
  • Educate students on how to recognize trusted adults and the benefits of building and strengthening those relationships.

Whats the best way to talk to young people about goal setting? 📝

Start by addressing these key questions: 
🎯What is Goal Setting? 
Goal setting is an action plan! Goals help break down bigger objectives into smaller, more manageable tasks and motivate young people to take meaningful action along the way. 
📝Why is it important? 
Unlike intentions or desires, which tend to change day-to-day, goals are concrete. Establishing goals helps young people make steady progress toward the life they want to live. 
🧠Where do we begin? 
Start with reflection on the previous year and begin by having students write down all of the accomplishments from last year. Then prompt them to explore how they can go further in 2022. 
Our Latest FREE printable worksheet is here to help your students step-by-step through setting their goals. 
The RIPPLE Goals worksheet teachers young people how to move from an idea to an achievement. 
Download The Worksheet

New on the Blog 📰

Little Goals Today Lead to Big Success in the Future 

Do you know a younger person who's pursuing their goals? Our latest blog explores how to best support them as a trusted adult. We talk about road blocks, letting people decide for themselves, conversation prompts, and more. 
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