December Newsletter: Week 2

Our December Theme is: Community

All month long we'll be sharing ideas, conversation prompts, worksheets, and more around how to identify and build community. 

New: 🧲 Magnets & Mirrors🪞Activity 

As part of our Magnets and Mirrors Series, each month we're sharing activities designed to foster connection and reflection (with little to no prep required). This month's activity, thank you card writing, is all about, you guessed it, community. 
Download the Activity
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Wrapping Up 2021, Preparing For 2022

As we near the end of 2021, we want to encourage you and your students to reflect on all that's been accomplished in 2021. And of course, prep for the year ahead with clearly defined goals and a plan to achieve them. 

Ready to Reflect?

These steps will help you (and your students) get started. 
🕰  Step 1: Set aside time! (We recommend at least 60 minutes)
📓 Step 2: Grab a journal, markers, headphones, snacks, or whatever else you may need.
🛋  Step 3: Pick a comfortable place. 
📸  Step 4: Look through photos over the past year to remind you of all that's happened.
✍️  Step 5: Start writing!



Want to learn more about reflecting?
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