December Newsletter: Week 1

Our December Theme is...

All month long we'll be sharing ideas, conversation prompts, worksheets, and more around how to identify and build community. 

What is community?

When we're talking about community, we're referring to groups of people with common interests and goals who gather, live, learn, or work together.

Why does it matter?

Young people need to feel needed, and one way to help them meet this need is to assist them in naming the different communities they are a part of and reflecting on their shared purpose.

And, how do we build it? 

Begin with identifying the many communities you or your students are a part of and what brings them together. Naming the roles different communities play in a child's life can help them understand how they fit in and increase their sense of belonging.


New on the Blog:
​How 9 Educators Reignited Passion and Excitement in their Student Community


A team of educators from Monadnock Regional Middle High School recognized a decrease in student interest and participation in non-academic activities in their school community. Students seemed increasingly disconnected from school and then … the pandemic hit. These teachers banded together to to find creative ways to increase student involvement and enhance school community and culture - and they did it.
Read more about how on the OTA blog. 

Here the Story


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If you or an educator you know wants to engage young people  in conversation about community this free printable can help.

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