Operation: OTA FAQs

Operation: OTA FAQs

Keep reading for answers to frequently asked questions about our newest program, Operation: OTA. 


What is it?

  • Operation: OTA is an assessment toolkit to ensure that every student has a trusted adult in the building. We provide you with tools to explain to both the adults and the youth what a trusted adult is (and isn’t), and why having one is so important, with lesson plans for students, and slides and notes for a faculty meeting. Research shows that a relationship with a trusted, boundaried, adult leads to improved learning.

How does it work?

  • Operation:OTA is a downloadable user-friendly e-kit that includes everything needed to:
    1. Ensure every student in your school community can name a trusted adult.
    2. Ensure adults in your community are trained in what it means to be a trusted adult and how to show up as a trusted adult with the young people in their care. 
  • The e-kit includes: 
    • Slides and instructions for leading an interactive educator workshop
    • Mentorship Modes online quiz
    • Assessment guidelines, and adult and student post-assessment plan recommendations
    • Two 30-minute lesson plans
    • Student involvement and activity ideas and instructions
    • Printable posters

Who will be responsible for the process?

  • The program can be easily led by a school counselor, school administrator, a teacher or group of teachers. 

What are the facilitator’s responsibilities? 

  • Requirements of the facilitator(s) include:
    • Facilitate a educator workshop (slides and detailed facilitator notes included)
    • Coordinate educator assessment activity (user-friendly instructions included for simple set up)
    • Send parent letter
    • Categorize students into green, yellow and red status based on the results of the educator assessment and implement an action plan for students in the yellow and red zones. 
    • Hang Posters around school community
    • Distribute lesson A, including worksheets, to teachers who will facilitate the lesson. 
    • Collect Lesson A worksheets from teachers and categorize students as Green, Yellow, Red. 
    • Engage student leaders by sharing activity ideas (provided in toolkit)
    • Distribute Lesson B, including worksheets, to teachers who will facilitate the lesson. 
    • Collect Lesson B worksheets from teachers and categorize students as Green, Yellow Red. 
    • Compare data from the first two assessments - develop post assessment action plan for students in the Yellow and Red categories. 
    • Communicate Activity ideas to engage student leaders! 

How long will it take?

  • The toolkit can be implemented throughout a school year or over the course of a semester! The implementation is flexible and designed to fit into the busy school schedule. (see recommended timeline in the toolkit) 

Do we need to have had One Trusted Adult professional development training, or read the book to use Operation: OTA?

  • Of course the more background knowledge you have…the better! But there is no need to have any previous One Trusted Adult training or experience. The 2 hour professional development training will get you up to speed on the essentials needed to show up as a trained, motivated and committed trusted adult to the young people in your care. 

What kind of schools are using Operation: OTA?

  • Operation:OTA is designed for every school community including public schools, independent schools, boarding schools and International schools!

How does Operation: OTA fit in with MTSS-B?

  • Operation: OTA is a MTSS-B Tier 1, upstream, preventative, proactive program to help schools ensure that every student has at least one trusted adult in the building.

What if our school is K-6? 4-6? What grades does Middle School include? Will it work for younger students?

  • There are Middle School and High School versions available. However, the MS version can certainly be used with upper elementary students as well. In school communities with older and younger students, we encourage student leaders to facilitate the curriculum for young groups, using student leaders as teaching assistants. 

What exactly do I receive? A book?

  • Once purchased, you will receive the following: 
    • Downloadable 26 page e-kit (pdf)
      • Assessment toolkit including all user-friendly instructions
      • 2 lesson plans
      • Student involvement activity ideas and instructions 
    • Google slides presentation with presenter notes
    • Downloadable posters  

What kind of computer do I need to get the toolkit?

  • The toolkit can be downloaded to any computer! Your toolkit will have your school name watermarked on your toolkit. We ask that you adhere to copyright rules and avoid sharing with people outside of your organization. 

What about funding? Does this toolkit fall under the ESSER and GEER guidelines?

  • Yes! Operation: OTA falls squarely within the ESSER and GEER funding guidelines, as it is a toolkit delivering research-based professional development furthering student learning, AND provides student programming with research-based strategies for meeting students’ academic, social, emotional,  and mental health needs AS WELL AS  providing school leaders with the information required to address the needs of their schools. 

How much does it cost?

  • $495. You can pay by credit card, or request a quotation for a PO. Just send us an email at info@onetrustedadult.com

When should we start Operation: OTA?

  • Schools have decided to start Operation:OTA at various times throughout the school year, depending on what fits in best with their schedules! It’s a great way to kick off the school year or a great way to prioritize relationships/connections after a break. We recommend you leave enough time to complete the program before the school year comes to an end as it’s best to see the program through with the same group of students/teachers! 

Is this more work for teachers?

  • We believe it to be quite the opposite! Operation OTA will encourage connection in your community. When students are connected, they show up ready to learn! (we have the studies to prove it). 

Are the Middle School and High School versions different? 

  • Yes. The assessment is the same, but the lesson plans are different. You will have an opportunity to choose either the Middle School or High School edition at checkout! 

Additional questions? 

  • We are here to help! Please email info@onetrustedadult.com to discuss your individual school circumstances and determine if it would be a good fit for your community!