Are you are WHOO or WHOA friend?

Are you are WHOO or WHOA friend?

In Frienduary, We Celebrate Friendship! 

Friendship, a bond between two people who are emotionally tied by a sense of care, a wish to support each other, and shared values and interests. At OTA, we like to categorize friendships into two types: whoo friends and whoa friends. Both are needed. Both are necessary! 

What is a whoo friend and why do we need them? 

A whoo friend brings the hype! It's a friend who has lots of ideas, invites you to do things, and can make even ordinary days fun. Whoo is a mood, a vibe, an energy. A whoo friend convinces you to try something new, explore your interests and embark on an adventure rather than staying home and watching Netflix. A whoo friend builds on your ideas, celebrates your interests and passions, and hypes you up! We all need a little whoo in our lives! 

The downside of whoo friends is that their influence may not always be what you need. Whoo energy can go too far, so that it no longer benefits you or is entertaining to be around. Whoo friends may push you too far, crossing your boundaries. This is when some whoa is beneficial. 

What is a whoa friend and why do we need them? 

A whoa friend is someone who expresses polite doubt when something doesn’t feel right. This doubt makes you pause and ask, should I really be doing this right now? Do I want to be doing this right now? 

This one small word– “Whoa”– gives power to the silent concerns of others. When someone says whoa others grow the courage to do the same. This simple, persuasive pause can start a ripple, positively shaping a community and a culture. We all need a little whoa in our lives! 

The downside of whoa friends is that they can become stuck in their comfort zone and shy away from trying new things. Whoa friends may steer you away from opportunities for growth and self-discovery. This is when some whoo is beneficial. 

If you have whoa leanings, you should probably look to surround yourself with some whoo. If you lean towards whoo, you might want to find some whoa! 

QUIZ time: Are you a whoo friend or a whoa friend? 

To encourage reflection, spark conversations, and ignite laugher, we’ve created this quick and fun quiz to assess your leanings. Share with your friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Do they agree or disagree with your self-assessment? Do you agree or disagree with their self-assessment?

Use this worksheet to start conversations with young people. To create connections and start conversations with the young people in your care, download this worksheet. It’s a lighthearted way to engage and open the door to their social world. We’d love to hear how it goes and what you learn! 

Download the worksheet here!

Are you part of a school community or youth-serving organization? Bring One Trusted Adult in to lead a fun and engaging workshop series or assembly on friendship!