Programs for Educators, Professionals and Youth

One Trusted Adult works with both adults and youth, because having a shared language and understanding of healthy relationships and boundaries, is essential. We also believe building those boundaried, healthy relationships is a process, not achieved in a single professional development program or assembly. So in addition to high quality programs delivered in person, virtually, or, on-demand interactive online modules, we offer the tools (slides, video, activities), strategies and suggestions for you to lead the next One Trusted Adult discussion in your community, and make it your own.



Professional Development Workshops for educators K-12, and all professionals working with youth

We offer a variety of interactive, fast-paced programs, delivered in person, or, via asynchronous, interactive online modules, from one hour to a full day, covering topics including:

  • The qualities of a trusted adult (accessible, boundaried, caring)
  • Universal Youth Needs
  • 4Cs: Trusted Adult Modes
  • Bids for Connection: Magnets & Mirrors
  • Sustainable Safeguarding
  • Boundary Reset
  • Quest for Better Questions
  • Ouch Thank You: Adult to Adult Feedback Loops
  • Effective Advising

Interested in hiring OTA founder Brooklyn Raney for a keynote or event?

  • One Trusted Adult: How to Build Strong Connections & Healthy Boundaries with Young People Program

    Our foundational book, by Brooklyn Raney. An ideal text for a school summer read. We provide a Reader’s Guide, extension scenarios, and can also facilitate large or small group book discussions.

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  • Virtual Training Programs for Educators & Mentors

    Our new virtual courses are designed to help educators, mentors, and parents understand the importance and urgency of WHY trusted adults are so needed and valuable now.

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  • Ripple Advisory Program for Middle Schools

    Flexible program to be used for Advisory, Guidance, SEL, or Leadership.


    Written by educator for use 1:1, small group, in larger advisory or classroom use, at summer camp, in after-school program or at home. No prep required. We offer Facilitator’s Guides covering adaptable use of the journals, as well as in person or virtual training, a video kick-off, and kits with props for extension activities.

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  • Ripple Mentoring Program

    Our research-based Ripple Journal Mentoring Program fosters meaningful connections between mentors and the young people they support through engagement activities, thought-provoking exercises, and purposeful play. The program is flexible and requires minimal to no prep for mentors. Young people can complete the activities individually or with their mentor.

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  • Branch Out Advisory Program for High Schools

    Activity based curriculum for High Schools, to enhance an existing advisory program or as a stand-alone. Designed to require no prep, the activities and discussions are designed to be led by students or adults. The 25 advisory meeting plans build and boost trusted adult relationships, peer-to-peer connections and student leadership strengths.

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  • Student Leadership Conferences

    Start a Wave is our middle school student leadership conference designed to bring Middle School students together from different schools to build personal skills for community contribution and exchange ideas about taking action to make a positive impact in their school communities. 

    BeBold is our high school student leadership conference intended to provide students with skills, ideas, and inspiration for boldly stepping up, and boldly stepping back as leaders in their school community. 

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