One Trusted Adult offers research-based programs and professional development opportunities that teach the fundamentals needed to build strong connections and healthy boundaries with young people. Our goal is to ensure that every young person has the one thing that is crucial to their well-being and success: an accessible, boundaried, and caring Trusted Adult.

Through our in-person and virtual programs we provide materials, tools, and strategies designed to help build and deepen relationships between young people and Trusted Adults. Every program is active, meaning participants engage with the material, one another, and our trainers, who are experienced educators.

Our research-backed Professional Development programs focus on teaching adults how to:

Become trusted adults who are accessible, boundaried, and caring

Assess and address the needs of young people

Establish healthy and appropriate youth-adult relationships

Encourage teamwork and build a network of many trusted adults

Communicate with other professionals and implement strategies that can improve relationships

Learn career-sustaining habits and how to avoid professional burnout

Our research-based curriculum and workshops teach young people how to:

Identify a trusted adult

Build a properly boundaried relationship

Practice personal and social awareness

Grow personal skills for community
contribution and leadership