November Newsletter: Week 1

Tip of the Week: Multiply the Self-Esteem Buckets 🪣

Often times young people center their identities around one thing - a sport, subject, or stereotype. As trusted adults, it's our job to help protect their self-worth and encourage them to embrace a multi-dimensional identity.


Brooklyn's Story:  Our founder, Brooklyn Raney, at age 14 introduced herself to a teacher at her new school by saying, "Hi, I'm Brook I'm a hockey player." This teacher responded, "Great! Nice to meet you, Brook! What else are you?" As an adolescent clinging to an identity and a sense of self-worth, she was taken aback by the question. As an adult, there is a reason she has never forgotten this moment. With one question, this educator challenged Brook's limited view of who she was and what she offered, and invited and encouraged her to do more, be more, and see herself as more at her new school.


Why It Matters: For young adults who are developing identities, it's important to cultivate a healthy sense of self-worth and multiply the places where self-esteem can be drawn from. There can still be room for competency, mastery, and specialization, as long as it is coupled with a trusted adult attitude that celebrates and protects all parts of the young people we teach and parent.

Let's model multiplying our self-esteem buckets for young people, and give them permission and encouragement to love and grow all parts of who they are and who they may become. 


How to Implement: Assess what your school, organization, or home celebrates and explore what other achievements and courageous acts you can spotlight. Some schools have evolved community meetings and social media platforms to showcase the huge variety of student interests from poem readings to Rubik's Cube speed-solving, beatboxing, unicycling, and masterclass presentations on topics like firefighting, crocheting, and bass fishing! Share the many dimensions of your identity and interests and make space for young people to do the same. 


Event Alert 🗓

One Trusted Adult is participating in Choose Love’s community-wide events to help promote collective wellbeing. If you're in New Hampshire please come join us!


What: A day filled with activities, performances, and resources from local organizations- including One Trusted Adult!  Our team will be there hosting program activities and answering all of your questions about our programs and books. Plus, we’re hosting a giveaway for a free Ripple Pair Pack! 

When: Saturday, November 6th from 11:00 am to 3:30 pm 

Where: State House Lawn in Concord


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We are giving away our School Counselor Ripple Pack to one awesome counselor. Now through November 30th, nominate your favorite counselor for a chance to win by following the instructions below. 🍎📚🧑‍🏫


To enter: 

  1. Follow our @onestrustedadult account on Instagram
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This podcast explores One Trusted Adult’s approach for parents and guardians. We dive into how parents can use OTA as a tool to open up important conversations with young people which allows for deeper mentorship within their parental role. 

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