February Newsletter: Week 1


Our February Theme is...


(Which is why we've aptly re-named this month, Frienduary).

In this newsletter you will find fun quizzes, a worksheet, and information to help you talk with young people about the importance of growing and maintaining healthy social connections. 


What Kind of a Friend Are You?

Friendships is a bond between two people who are joined emotionally by a sense of care, a wish to support each other, and shared values and interests. Here at OTA, wee like to categorize friends into two types. 

In our latest blog post, we define the differences between these friend types and share prompts that help you encourage young people to reflect and engage in conversation. 

Tell Me More!


As part of our Magnets and Mirrors Series, each month we're sharing activities designed to foster connection and reflection (with little to no prep required)

This month's activity is focused on Friendship. Let's explore how you identify as a friend, and how the young people in your life identify as a friend with these quizzes:  

OTA Friendship Quiz for Adults 
OTA Friendship Quiz for Young People 


Then encourage young people to reflect on their friendships with our latest free printable:

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